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Thoughts Color-Sound-Vibration

Thought color-sound-vibration

our thought color – your thought sound – your thought vibration and its influence on your own vibrational frequency


In physics, vibration means that everything is energy. Every person, every living being vibrates at a certain frequency. The higher our own vibrational frequency, the higher the personal vibrational sound that we emit and through which we attract all the beauty, abundance and wealth into our lives that we desire. In the world of “vibrations” there are only two types of vibrations, positive and negative. So every thought, every word and every feeling emits a vibration that is either positive or negative.

The power and sound of our thoughts

An ancient “concept” says that the outer world is only a mirror of our mind, a reflection of our innermost thoughts. For me, high vibrational thoughts are light-filled thoughts in the awareness of our creative power, which we were all born with. The magic wand for healing, for a life in peace, love, health, joy. Abundance and much more.


Thoughts with a low timbre

For me, the “powerlessness energies” that result from low-vibrating thoughts are not a bad thing “per se”. They are a journey deep into the caves of our psyche, a mystical journey of recognition and transformation of blocking old beliefs, perspectives, convictions, conditioning or even emotional wounds. They act like chains and prevent us from soaring to the heights of our potential; from indulging in light-filled thoughts and words.

Our silent thoughts are like messages sent into the infinite expanse of the universe. The response of the universe then corresponds to the vibrational essence of our message, our thoughts and words that we have sent out. Every thought and word, infused with emotion, sends ripples across the universal sea and creates our reality. Every positive vibration you send out is a note that sings in harmony with the cosmic orchestra?

Our own vibrational frequency and its relationship to the sound frequency of our thoughts

Our own vibrational frequency depends, among other things, on the timbre of our thoughts and the words we speak. These result, for example, from our emotions, habits, beliefs, conditioning and actions as well as from the energies and their influences from our surroundings, the environment in which we live or spend time.

Negative thoughts based on low vibrational feelings and associated with a lower tone color such as: Fear, envy, jealousy, dissatisfaction, frustration, anger or, for example, greed, lower our own vibrational frequency and attract similar things into our lives.


Being in a state of joy and well-being

One of the wonderful things about this time of shifting consciousness is the realization that we all have the opportunity at any moment to raise our own vibrational frequency through light-filled thoughts and words and send a magical vibrational sound out into the world.

Increase your own vibration and sound frequency

How can we increase our own vibration and sound frequency?

Observing our thoughts –
Thought hygiene is an absolute “divine must” here. Constantly observe your own thoughts. What am I thinking about myself, my fellow human beings, my environment, my job, etc.? Am I thinking thoughts that build me and others up, uplifting thoughts or rather downbeat, negative thoughts? Every thought sends out a frequency to the universe and this frequency comes back to the source. That is why it is so important that we take care of the quality of our thoughts and start cultivating positive thoughts. The >> dark blue and aqua-blue energy wheels can support us here.


Which words do I use, how is my vocabulary structured?

Which words do I speak, use or apply for myself, for others, for my environment? Uplifting, uplifting words or degrading, negative words? the same applies to our vocabulary. If we say something wrong about things and people or speak badly about them, it also affects our own vibrational frequency. In order to keep our own frequency high, it is important to get rid of old habits of drama and bullying. Here too, the >> dark blue and aqua blue energy wheels can support us.


Stop focusing on what you want

Surely you know those moments when you think and express what could happen instead of focusing on what you want or what your goals are. And you are surprised that this is exactly what happens. Absolute thought hygiene is called for here. Because the cosmic law of resonance knows no breaks. Free yourself from your carousel of thoughts with the help of the >> light yellow regeneration wheel


The atmosphere

Whether at home or at work, if we spend a lot of time in an energetically polluted and messy environment, this will also affect our vibrational frequency. As a result, we are repeatedly catapulted back into old behaviors and thought patterns. The large energetic cleaners, the >> Calming XL in a set of 4, can be of great help here.


Fellow human beings

The people around us also directly influence our vibrational frequency. If we surround ourselves with happy, positive and determined people, we also enter into this vibration and the associated thoughts and words. If we surround ourselves with people who are grumblers, gossips and pessimists, it can very well happen that this reduces our own frequency and timbre. This prevents us from using the law of attraction to our advantage. You can support yourself here with the >> Guardian L.


The principle of “saying thank you”

Be grateful for every little thing and express it in your thoughts. “Thank you” is the greatest resonance principle of the heart known to us, which attracts abundance into our lives.


Recognize your inner saboteur

and bring it into the heart energy. The >>Guardian L can be a great supporter here.


Intensive chakra cleansing

for example with the >>cosmic chakra set, can help you to resolve old issues more easily.


Or use silent meditation

in a restorative “energy bath” in the large creation/healing circle or in the small regeneration circle of Ascension. You can also use the individual energy/creation wheels for inner emotional “breakthroughs”.


Another possibility

is the small heart meditation with a pyramid, which you can practise “constantly” and everywhere, the link to the Heart mediation is below.

In light and love

Jutta Pangratz

Nat. manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, family, ancestor, karma clearing/resolution work, trauma and transformation coach, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, energetic house cleansing. G. Klügel, energetic house cleaning.